What is the Thirst Project?

Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that works with the support of young people to END the global water crisis by building freshwater wells in developing communities that need safe, clean drinking water. Why Water? Health and Sanitation: Waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than HIV, Malaria, and all world violence combined. Small children typically do not have strong enough immune systems to fight diseases like cholera, dysentery, or schistosomiasis.

Women, young and old, spend hours every day collecting water from sources that are typically polluted. Carrying a jerry can that weighs 44 pounds 3.75 miles is incredibly physically demanding. We’ve documented countless womens' health issues as a result of hauling water. Women experience chronic fatigue and dehydration while walking for water. Pregnant women can suffer spontaneous miscarriages because of the physical demand of collecting water. The time spent and the physical toll it takes on women to collect water keeps women from better employment opportunities to provide for their families. With close, safe drinking water, women can provide a second income for their families, and contribute to economic development in their community.


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