The Story of Okeanos

What is Okeanos? The name Okeanos is derived from Greek mythology that was used to describe the earth-encircling river of Okeanos. This name struck me for a few reasons: it is fun to say and it symbolizes unity. My goal with Okeanos is to offer an alternative to single use plastic bottles. This action may be small but has a large impact on the oceanic ecosystem. I also want to be able to help out others through selling water bottles. In order to do this, a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold goes to a world changing charity. While searching for a meaningful charity to which one can donate, I found the Thirst Project. The Thirst Project is a charity that builds sustainable water sources in Africa. 

An Okeanos bottle is so much for than a bottle, it is a vessel for change! 

Every bottle in our hydro dipped collection is created with a story behind it that allows you to have a personal connection to your product and the brand you choose to support. Whether it is having a keepsake to remember these crazy times or holding on to the feeling of a relaxing day, Okeanos has a bottle with YOU in mind!

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About Me

Hi, I'm Sam Lewis and I am currently a senior in Highschool. I started Okeanos during the summer break leading to Junior year. Since then the business has changed a bit and grown quite well. Nearing the beginning of Junior year, nearing the end of summer, I knew I wanted to do something different and fun. I made up my mind that what want to do is start a business. I saw this as a perfect time. Considering I am only in high school, I don't have many expenses and I have ample time to pursue my idea. When I started Okeanos there were not any programs that helped people develop their entrepreneurial skills, so I decided to create a learning experience for myself. Building this business from the ground up has taught me many things and has shown me time and time again how important persistence is in anything you pursue. While helping charities, I am also able to use Okeanos as a great learning tool that has help me gain the skills and mindset I need to launch another business in the future.


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